Which element of plot does this excerpt from "The Monkey's Paw" best represent?The knocking ceased suddenly, although the echoes of it were still in the house. He heard the chair drawn back and the door opened. A cold wind rushed up the staircase, and a long loud wail of disappointment and misery from his wife gave him courage to run down to her side, and then to the gate beyond. The street lamp flickering opposite shone on a quiet and deserted road. A. Climax B. Rising action C. Falling action D. Exposition

Accepted Solution

Answer:C.Explanation:"The Monkey's Paw' is a short story written by W. W. Jacobs. The story revolves around the magical monkey's paw that's been bought by Sergeant Major Morris. The given excerpt of the story reflects the falling action of story as with this passage the author ends the story. To draw the conclusion of the story, authro le it intentionally on the readers. The given passage describes the falling action aer the climax of Mr. White asking for his second wish of having their son back.Falling action is the second last element of a plot structure in which the tensions and drama of climax has been ceased. In the given excerpt, the tension has been ceased.So, the correct answer is  option C.